Monday, April 20, 2009

Prisoner of the Himalayas

Lyrics from my album "Logchopa" (ལོག་སྤྱོད་པ་)

I remember the land I've never seen.
I remember a sound I've never heard.
And the heart that never cries
Sheds its first virgin tears.

The days are getting longer
Of course, summer is here.
But the nights also get longer
Is it still winter here?
Oh, a sorrow that knows no season
Has settled upon my heart.

The Himalayas claim to be
Guardians of the Tibetan people.
Are you truly our guardians?
Or merely our prison guards.


  1. Tendor la,Just bought your album Logchopa. I almost listen to it everyday recently.I love every songs that you wrote, you are really a good musician as well. Though you are busy for your work for SFT(and busier now). please don't drop your music, I guess you wouldn't! Is there any way I can get the Tibetan lyrics of the album? I hear most of them, but not sure about some of them.
    Want to say Tu-Che-Nang for what you and everyone of SFT have done for all Tibetans.Tibet will be free!