Sunday, April 26, 2009

China is the Ultimate Hypocrite

I've always wondered how the Chinese government reconciles bashing Japan as their former colonist and smashing Tibet as their current colony at the same time. Today's New York Times editorial (China can't have it both ways) puts it really well, noting how the Chinese government in one day sent two statements - the first one denounced Japan's Taro Aso for visiting the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, the second one opposed the Dalai Lama's visit to America.

The editorial concludes:

"We understand China’s frustration. But it only makes Beijing’s repression of Tibet and its attacks on the Dalai Lama all the more hypocritical.

As it carves out an ever greater role in the world, Beijing will have to learn that it cannot have it both ways. China cannot be the aggrieved victim in the morning and the bully in the afternoon."

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