Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Momo Burp, Middle Way: Cartoons from July & August

Here is a compensation post to make up for ignoring this blog since March. As you can probably see, I acquired a new hobby in the last two months. These were drawn on a white board with dry erase marker, which seems like the cheapest and most non-committal way to draw.


  1. There is humor , political sarcasm and an ad for momo. DEEP !!! There is lot more to his comedy than one can understand. When it comes from Tendor la; one cannot help thinking deeper than deep in what he writes.As such; I, personally confuse myself more than anything else.Silly ! No ?

  2. The middle way doesn't exists as such. But the ghost of the Lam Uma will elope with Tibet straight into Xi Jinping's bedroom. But the real speculation is what will happens to the ghost once
    it find itself in Mr. Xi's presence?

  3. K-ah! that comment on Lam Uma is quite telling. And allow me to add:
    In that case, poor Tibet is sure to be the slave concubine. But will the ghost be made the eunuch to guard her around 24 hours except when she is in active service ? With sane people such a treatment to the ghost cannot be even contemplated. But who knows! The CCP is insane,
    shameless, merciless and vile ! !