Sunday, November 13, 2011

I heard someone in the street...

I heard someone in the street say
This was the year when you lost
Your home and your job to pay
For freedom's dear cost.

But the street lamps silently rejoice
That in fact you found your light
And your soul and your voice
Amid the dark of the night.

I heard someone in the street weeping:
What about the jailed and the slain?
And the buried and the missing?
Will they come back again?

But look, their faces shine in our mirrors
With wrinkles dug by smiles, not age.
May their faith shatter our fears
And break open our cage.


  1. there are many misspellings in you Tibetan introduction...དྲ་ཚིགས་ འདི་ བོད་གངས་ཅན་ གྱི་ གཞོན་ནུ་ རྣམས་ ཀྱི་ སེམས་ཤུགས་ ལ་ གུས་བཏུད་ བཞུ་ཆེད་ བཟོ་བ་ ཡིན།
    PLZ correct it at's disgrace for all the Tibetan.

  2. Make mistake and learn is the best learning tool.I am proud some one is actually writing in Tibetan language.That's a good start.Making mistake may not be the best thing to happen.But I do not believe it's a disgrace.I encourage whoever is that one or those are...continue writing in Tibetan language.I try to read all in Tibetan---good-bad-ugly doesn't matter.Writing in Tibetan language from how much you know is a good start!!!