Friday, November 20, 2009


ད་གཞི་ནས་ བོད་ཡིག་ བྲིས་ ཤེས་མཁན་ ཁ་པར་ ཞིག་ སླེབས་ བཞག

ཁ་པར་ འདི་ གང་མགྱོགས་ ཁྲོམས་ ལ་ སླེབས་པའི་ རེ་བ་ ཡོད། ཁ་པར་ འདིས་ ང་ཚོའི་ ལས་འགུལ་ གྱི་ ནུས་པ་ ཆེ་རུ་ གཏོང་ཆེད་ ཧ་ཅང་ ཕན་ཐོག་ ཆེན་པོ་ ཡོང་ངེས་ རེད།


  1. tendor,
    enjoy your blog. quick technical question, what font should i have installed to view tibetan script on your blog correctly? other tibetan pages like seem to work for me but not this page.


  2. TT,
    Thanks for the interest. You should download the Monlam Bodyig at
    You can also find instructions on youtube if you search for Monlam Bodyig Training.
    Let me know how it goes.

  3. Tendorla, your blog is very impressive and please keep on the good job. I found there is a minor mistake with the Tibetan word"gangs can" in your "about me" in the right up corner.You should add the yangjug 'sa" after "nga". Please be careful with your spelling when you write Tibetan,thanks!
    From Yarlong Shung

  4. Thank you Yarlong Shung for your feedback. I appreciate it.
    My spelling is like an old yak's broken horn, but I will try my best to spell right from here onward.
    I just heard that new tensions are flaring up between India and China. I will blog about that soon.

  5. Yes, you should write more on the two monsters between us; one being as a mummy for a long time now seems finally waking up from deep sleeping like a super pig behind the snow land and the other one has already turn out to be a sample of dinosaur erected in the east in the context of the western thought and idea but now trying to swallow the west, what an ironic!

    What are the two countries doing for Tibet is like this; China gives cash or alcohol to Tibetan as compensation by taking our land like the white did to the native people in the so called Newfoundland and India has been paying for our hotel rent and traveling fees which is in fact the outcome of the legacy it inherited from British empire who should give it back to the Tibetan government who then had the legitimate right for the territory and indeed Tibetan government did exercise its policies until 1950s.

    We Tibetans are fighting for justice, therefore, no matter how weak we are militarily and economically for the moment, but we must not act according to the rhythm of the dances of the wolves and we should fight and speak out to regain what we had lot during the period of the huge turbulence and the subsequent creation of the so called UN which was actually designed by the new western imperialism led by U.S and the communism by the Russian. The ultimate goal of the creation of this world organization was and still is to save guard the prey of the hunters and to share the whole world as a stock market by the greedy of the capitalism and its followers throughout the world including the current Black political actor at the White house. This reminds me Deng Xiaoping’s famous speech: not matter what color of the cat is, it would be a good cat as far as it can catch mouse!

    Ok, friend, many things to say but I cannot write my words in Tibetan since I don not have proper Tibetan font, hope I will have one soon and then I will write my words in Tibet in order to make my point clear and simple.